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The Faith Space is proud to be led by a CEO and Board of Directors that are all womxn-identified, spiritual leaders from diverse contexts dedicated to social change through personal awareness and sacred community.

Leadership Team

Katherine Newell, MDiv

CEO & Founder

"We are not asking for permission to birth a new world. We are torch bearers, not just shining light, but truly loving and celebrating the darkness. Let's spark a new way of being together."

Katherine Newell is an interspiritual minister and transformation specialist dedicated to serving human beings seeking awakening and alignment. As CEO and Co-Founder of The Faith Space, she provides personal and organizational development for leaders in tech, business, public service, and nonprofit sectors. She has a Masters in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University and her background is steeped in holistic healing, visioning, mentoring pioneers, conflict management, and facilitation. Katherine works with revolutionary leaders to foster empathy-building, social justice, systems-level thinking, and holistic integration of change to cultivate a more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world.

Board of Directors

Ashley Steinberg

Board President & Historian

"The Faith Space will bring people together in new ways and bridge gaps between cultures, religions and so much more through education and understanding.  It's time we stand together in an ethical way to enact true systemic change and The Faith Space is going to lead the way."

Ashley Steinberg is a Jewitch, working as a User Acceptance Specialist in the criminal justice sector.  As the Historian of The Faith Space, she is our record keeper, system builder, and budget manager. She has a passion for sea turtles and works daily toward wildlife and nature conservation.

Shamika Goddard, MDiv

Bridge Builder

"I envision The Faith Space encouraging ethics, ritual, and spirituality across industries and organizations."

Shamika Goddard is a spiritually seeking Christian-adjacent person who is passionate about people and technology! She has a Masters in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary and is currently a doctoral student at CU Boulder's iSchool studying technology, ethics, and social justice issues. As The Faith Space's Bridge Builder, Shamika aims to stand in the gap and lead folks in need of our services over to the other side of fulfillment. Shamika is a balloon contortionist and enjoys making smashbooks.

Kristen Payne, MA

Abundance Ambassador

“As a spiritual atheist I believe there are bridges between the secular world and the faith-based world; we just need a creative and accessible forum to find them and The Faith Space can be that vessel.”

Kristen Payne is a spiritual atheist with a degree in Social Justice and Ethics from the Iliff School of Theology. She is committed to co-creating a more just world through breaking down systemic injustices and building bridges between communities through her job at CEO Denver advocating for formerly incarcerated adults to receive a fair chance in securing permanent work. She serves as the Abundance Ambassador for The Faith Space, crafting our marketing and fundraising efforts. Kristen is an identical twin and believes that soul mates come in multitudes and many forms…for her she has found a soul mate in her twin, her son, the spirit of her late partner, and in herself.

Selene Figueroa



"I believe The Faith Space can change the ways in which we look at leadership in the modern world." 

Selene Figueroa lives her passion of advocating for greater institutional access for marginalized communities through her work at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Raised Catholic, Selene believes that leadership and spirituality go hand-in-hand in understanding how we can best communicate with the world around us. With a Bachelor's degree in Law and Society from the University of Denver, years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and a natural talent for leadership she is excited and feels at home serving as the Community Connector on The Faith Space Board.  

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead


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