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We facilitate space for transformation

Join a cohort of learners and leaders changing the world through personal awareness! 

The Faith Space conducts workshops on ethical leadership, rituals of resilience, sacred salesmanship, how spirituality and social justice align, decolonization, and more. Sign up for our next training here!

For leaders in any setting, attending a Faith Space training provides an opportunity to deepen your capacity for:

  • Strengthening and practicing effective conflict resolution skills 

  • Navigating implementation of change within and beyond status quo systems

  • Honing personal awareness and leading with integrity, emotional intelligence & empathy cultivation

  • Establishing sustainable rituals of resilience rooted in ethics, equity, and justice

  • Spearheading intentional cultural development through innovative visioning 

Whatever your background, our goal is to serve those who lead others. Our mission is to empower leaders to become more effective, ethical, and holistic. The Faith Space trainings are intentionally designed to help leaders like you engage with the root causes of road blocks you may be experiencing and to cultivate more efficiency and empowerment in your leadership.  

Interested in collaborating with The Faith Space to host a training or create a workshop for a specific context or community? Connect with us here.

The Faith Space is a reminder of who we are, beckoning us back into what we are called to do.

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"Healing costs. Time. Energy. Ego. Relationships. Money. When you are ready for a shift, put everything on the table. Spend all the resources you have on your transformation. You'll never regret it. Change isn't cheap, but holding out on yourself costs more than you can give."

Chani Nicholas 


Reclaiming Calling 

Reviving Connection

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