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The Faith Space online offerings provide inspiration, education, dialogue, and engagement with interdisciplinary leaders at the intersection of spirituality and social justice. Join us live for these free events here: 



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We presently have more paths to connect with one another than ever before, however we feel increasingly isolated. Our current way of life invites us to embrace diversity, but we consistently find ourselves huddled within segregated groups. We have more abundant resources at our fingertips, yet their allocation has become increasingly unjust.


The Faith Space offers educational courses to support evolving leaders contextually and consciously. We offer varying subjects and timeframes for a wide variety of participants. Sign up now to explore ways to impact our world with a diverse cohort of learners just like you!


The Faith Space Institute Courses:

decolonizing spiritual practices

In a New Age, woo-woo world, how do we navigate cultural appropriation and co-opting of sacred traditions? What are the boundaries around indigenous rituals, medicine, and tools for healing? Learn ways to experience spiritual awakenings and metaphysical magic without harming our planet and honoring our ancestors.

ethical leadership 101

Ready to become the leader you’re meant to be? Make an impact, not just a profit. How you lead your business is how you lead your life. Join The Faith Space and explore ways to lead with ethics, efficiency, and effectiveness. This five-part training dives deep into the traits of ethical leaders and teaches participants how to collect data on their leadership style and sustainability. By the end of this course, leaders will be more holistic, systemic, and have a renewed sense of direction personally and professionally. 

languages of transformation

How does any human, organization, or system evolve? Learn a myriad of languages to understand the crux of how transformation truly looks and feels.  Discover how we can create the conditions for change to occur personally and systemically. Some of the languages include quantum physics, astrology, activism, and more.



How do ethical leaders navigate the minefield of capitalism, manifest abundance, and cultivate empathy through asking for money? This workshop provides moral sustenance and a clear, step-by-step guide to accessing prosperity. Whether you work in sales, ministry, politics, or development, asking for money is a sacred art. Learn how to hustle in a holistic way through rituals and perfecting your pitch. 

rituals of resilience 101

The revolution requires ritual. These sacred, simple tools can focus conversations in boardrooms and heal hearts in bedrooms by changing the way we communicate, lead, and sustain ourselves. Holistic change must be embodied and intentional. Learn tangible ways to lead personal and collective rituals. In this workshop participants will discover, define, and practice rituals for their resilience. Using elements from the natural world, ancient wisdom, and simple awareness practices, intentionally creating space for magic becomes muscle memory. These decolonized and equitable resources are accessible for all. The world needs you-- cultivate your magic through radical ritual.

rituals of resilience 201

This course teaches ritual making for leaders who wish to take their authority to the next level. After creating a foundation of personal rituals in 101, the 201 training instructs participants in how to lead collective rituals for small to large groups. This can be for leaders facilitating business meetings or conducting large scale events. A good leader cultivates ways to renew creativity and realign a team needing a boost in a better, more efficient direction. Pausing and re-centering is a practice often seen as an extra step instead of what it really is: an infusion of efficacy. It’s an investment in clarity. Let’s get to the root cause, so we can stop stalling and produce phenomenal results that exceed the status quo.

systemic collapse: envison a new way

Need to reclaim the spark that started your sojourn? Much of justice work is tearing down systems that don’t support everyone equally… but if we’re always focused on the destruction, how can we build a better reality? This workshop gives room for a new way of life to emerge. Through visioning intentionally, we can manifest these wonderful worlds into existence. Be ready to leave limitations at the door and dive into your dreams.

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"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

James Baldwin