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©2019 The Faith Space

The collective

An intentional community of committed leaders for transformation

The Faith Space Collective is a community of diverse leaders committed to the holistic evolution of our planet during turbulent times. As interdisciplinary spiritual leaders from all sectors, we collaborate, and then cultivate extraordinary transformation across our respective contexts.

We are an intentional, creative, and educational community. We are risk takers who challenge inefficient and oppressive systems. Bold ideas are birthed here by infusing spiritual practices and ritual back into the work of transformation. We are not merely responding to rapidly changing times-- we are co-creating a new way of being.

Members of The Collective meet on a regular basis, agree to shared values, embody their ethics, contribute rituals rooted in sustainability, and cultivate mutuality. Our intentional community is a space to repair our world, envision the future, teach/learn, and support each other personally and professionally. If you feel called to join this community and commit to consistent engagement, you may begin the application process here.

members of the collective affirm and embody the following:


The Faith Space is a progressive place to share bold ideas among interdisciplinary colleagues. Our collaborators innovate creative, out-of-the-box solutions to systemic problems. We utilize macro and micro paradigms to clearly define societal concerns and vision new ways of thriving, not just surviving.  


The Faith Space is an interspiritual space committed to the diversity of sacred experience. We define interspirituality as including all avenues and languages to experience and describe God, the universe, the Divine, Holy Spirit, Allah, energy, etc. For some this may look like a strong religious identity and for others it doesn’t have a label, yet everyone contributes their unique spiritual practices and embodied rituals to craft a community rooted in shared values.

Radical Welcome

Every spiritual path, background, orientation, and identity is welcome in The Faith Space.  

Holistic Leadership

Our members are spiritual leaders in congregations, experimental contexts, organizations, and beyond who are committed to embodying enduring change across systems. Our shared leadership model embodies a horizontal power structure in which all members equally hold power and responsibility. Members share the duties of leading and listening in support of one another and our projects, therefore dialogue and conflict resolution skills is central to our collaboration.

Shared Values

Our core shared values are personal growth, systemic change, restorative justice, and mutual respect. Each member of The Collective is committed to addressing patterns of systemic injustice through paradigm shifts. We are called to engage deeper in our own personal awareness, as we acknowledge that our individual evolution is directly correlated to our collective liberation.

"It's about surrounding yourself not with nay-sayers, but with people that are going to elevate you to be your best self." 

Mandy Gonzalez

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