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A revolution is brewing in our society. An ethical response and reimagining is the only way to navigate this moment. That's why ritual is the root of what we do at The Faith Space.


Ritual and education for social change isn't just our tagline...

it's our ethos. 


In order to embody the values discussed in our public conversations and taught in our courses, ritual becomes the water we swim in-- not just drink. If you've participated in any of our online offerings, you know how purposefully and peacefully we begin each gathering: with a grounding and acknowledgment of the original caretakers of the land we stand upon. 


Ritual is not only sacred-- it's necessary.


Ritual doesn't require years of seminary training or special crystals. The magic and simplicity of ritual can be found through natural elements, intentionality, and creativity.


Interested in seeing how easy it is to ritualize your life (even over zoom)? Join us for Wellspring, our monthly new moon interspiritual ritual!


Wellspring: An Interspiritual Ritual

Join us each new moon for some magic!

A time to replenish, a time to renew. For wanderers ready for a respite.

This interspiritual service is a unique experience that consists of meditation, magic, music, and manifestation. Come explore ritual in a relaxed, embodied, communal setting... online. Leave expectations at the metaphorical door as this adventure is different each time we gather.

Learn How To Lead Ritual

Make Magic Everyday

Wondering how to make your life more magical and meaningful? Curious how to craft rituals in your relationships and daily life that cultivate resilience? What are the components of ritual and how do we decolonize our practices? 


Sign up for our Ritual courses and learn how to create, sustain, and integrate rituals in your daily life!

rituals of resilience 101

The revolution requires ritual. These sacred, simple tools can focus conversations in boardrooms and heal hearts in bedrooms by changing the way we communicate, lead, and sustain ourselves. Holistic change must be embodied and intentional. Learn tangible ways to lead personal and collective rituals. In this workshop participants will discover, define, and practice rituals for their resilience. Using elements from the natural world, ancient wisdom, and simple awareness practices, intentionally creating space for magic becomes muscle memory. These decolonized and equitable resources are accessible for all. The world needs you-- cultivate your magic through radical ritual.

rituals of resilience 201

This course teaches ritual making for leaders who wish to take their authority to the next level. After creating a foundation of personal rituals in 101, the 201 training instructs participants in how to lead collective rituals for small to large groups. This can be for leaders facilitating business meetings or conducting large scale events. A good leader cultivates ways to renew creativity and realign a team needing a boost in a better, more efficient direction. Pausing and re-centering is a practice often seen as an extra step instead of what it really is: an infusion of efficacy. It’s an investment in clarity. Let’s get to the root cause, so we can stop stalling and produce phenomenal results that exceed the status quo.

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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel."

Maya Angelou