Together We Heal - IPV Awareness

In order to bring a new way of being into our paradigms, communities, and leadership, we must acknowledge the trauma swimming in our status quo. Often, in these reckonings and atonements, the real work is done.

Sometimes, we're so accustomed to trauma surrounding us, we can't see it clearly.

Growing up, my family often had women and sometimes their children live in our basement from time to time when their houses weren't very safe. I didn't think it was strange to invite folks who survived some sort of violence into our home to share meals, holidays, and memories. I remember when they came they were sad and scared, and left lighter and happier.

Years later, I found out that my father was assisting women leave abusive relationships through an organization he led called Stalking Rescue. As he would say, "when the safe house wasn't safe enough, they stayed with us." (For the record, the safe houses were and still are incredibly safe.)

This isn't a story to brag about my father (who has perpetuated just as much harm as he's attempted to mitigate), rather to bring to light all the ways we can help those surviving trauma. A piece of my father's ministry was protecting and empowering those who needed it. But my mother, sister, and I were ministers in those situations, too.

We all can contribute to collective healing in our own way.

We listened, prayed, danced, and ate our way through healing alongside these women our society often deems as "victims," but we really know what to call people who have walked through fire and lived to tell about it: SURVIVORS.

I tell you this because as Covid spikes, so does the trauma behind closed doors.

The Faith Space is situated at the intersection of spirituality and social justice, and we believe it our sacred duty to call out injustice and serve those in their awakening. Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence (IPV), is happening right now, probably to someone you know. And you can do something about it!

Instead of merely talking about this pervasive problem, we are collaborating with Platform 4 Women and Racial Disrupters in assembling a panel of experts in spirituality and IPV to discuss the signs, training, and resources we need to help those who need us most. And since communities of color are often on the margins of these life-saving conversations, we are centering them with our panelists and encourage participants of color to especially join us.

Please invite folks in your circle you believe will benefit and join us this Thursday at 5pm MT/7pm ET for a Panel on IPV for communities of color. (All are welcome if they are aware the spotlight is on BIPOC.)

We are proud to offer events like this, and if you have ideas on future offerings, sponsors, or organizations to collaborate with, please let us know by responding to this email.

Together we can heal. Together we can call each other back into covenant. Together we can align and awaken. Together.

In faith and solidarity,

Katherine Newell, MDiv

CEO, The Faith Space