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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Press Release


September 14th, 2020

PRESS RELEASE- for immediate release

Local ethical leadership organization, The Faith Space, is launching a $25,000 GoFundMe campaign to fund operations

Denver, Colorado

The Faith Space, a Denver-based nonprofit organization that provides ethical and social justice-driven leadership training, workshops, and education, launched their GoFundMe campaign for $25,000 on Monday. This campaign runs until October 24th and will serve to fund The Faith Space’s operations, including:

  • Audio/visual editing and marketing expertise to share resources and insights with the world.

  • Recording The Faith Space podcast and funding to operate the website. This includes tech support, audio recording equipment, and educated staff.

  • Compensating staff and interns for their time, energy, resources, and curriculum development.

The mission of The Faith Space is to create a holistic, sustainable world cultivated by empowered, ethical leaders who enact systemic change through education, integration, and transformation. In order to fulfill that mission, they offer their resources to individuals, organizations, and spiritual leaders who are invested in creating a more equitable and ethical world. In CEO and founder Katherine Newell’s words, “The Faith Space is committed to addressing patterns of systemic injustice through paradigm shifts and integration of this awareness in our current context and community." Since launching in January, The Faith Space has reached people all over the U.S, as well as in nine other countries, and held 63 online and in-person events. More information about The Faith space can be found on their website, www.thefaithspace.org.

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