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leadership coaching

The Faith Space offers one-on-one leadership coaching in-person in the Denver metro area or anywhere by phone or video conferencing. Our accessible services offer the flexibility to meet your unique needs with an intentional process that delivers results you can feel after the first session. Coaching relationships can last as little as a few weeks or as long as several months.  


Working with The Faith Space coaches provides leaders an opportunity to deepen their capacity for:

  • Strengthening Effective Conflict Resolution Skills 

  • Navigating Difficult Moral Decisions in High Pressure Environments  

  • Establishing a Sustainable Work-Life Balance

  • Spearheading Cultural Development within Changing Systems

Whatever your background, our goal is to serve those who lead others. Our coaching mission is to empower leaders to become more effective, ethical, and holistic. The Faith Space coaching sessions are intentionally designed to help leaders like you engage with the root causes of road blocks you may be experiencing and to cultivate more efficiency and empowerment in your leadership.  

The Faith Space coaching is a reminder of who we are, beckoning us back into what we are called to do.

leadership coaches:



-Conflict Transformation 

-Team/Relationship Building

-Long-Term Systemic and Cultural Change 

-Innovative Visioning and Creative Manifestation

-Emotional Intelligence and Empathy Cultivation

-Ethics, Equity, and Justice

-Rituals for Resilience



-Career Satisfaction and Fulfillment 

-Navigating Transitions

-Avoiding Career Burnout

-Ethics in an Unethical World/Industry

-Balance Business and Family

-Responsibility and Privilege in Leadership

"Healing costs. Time. Energy. Ego. Relationships. Money. When you are ready for a shift, put everything on the table. Spend all the resources you have on your transformation. You'll never regret it. Change isn't cheap, but holding out on yourself costs more than you can give."

Chani Nicholas 

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