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revive the faith we're losing in society


The faith space is a nonprofit organization creating space for leaders to vision, ritualize, train, and build a new way of being personally and systemically. 

Space for creative, collaborative community is essential for our liberation and evolution.

A sacred and systemic revolution is birthing-- join The Faith Space as we lead it intentionally!

Public Speaker

For individuals seeking 

internal awareness and evolution through training and education.

Rock Maze

For magic makers who honor the elements, decolonize spiritual practices, and infuse the sacred into the secular.


For revolutionary leaders who are already enacting social change holistically

and sustainably.


Who are the womxn behind The Faith Space? Check out our Board of Directors and their visions for this organization and our planet.

The Faith Space is a leadership development organization offering educational training and personal empowerment for world-changing leaders from all disciplines. We are a bold organization with a commitment to sustainability, holistic leadership, radical personal transformation, and systemic liberation. 


"The Faith Space is committed to addressing patterns of systemic injustice through paradigm shifts and integration of this awareness in current context and community." 

~Katherine Newell, CEO of The Faith Space

We define faith broadly and consider it a verb, not a noun. We view it as the connection of trust that is shared between leaders and those who they lead. Faith is in our ethics, our leadership styles, and how we engage in the systems we serve. We believe that every moment where holistic leadership occurs is a Faith Space; a space in which leaders connect deeply to their purpose in order to transform their company, community, and world.

Online Offerings

The Faith Space online offerings provide inspiration, education, dialogue, and engagement with interdisciplinary leaders at the intersection of spirituality and social justice. Join us live for these free events here: 



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Join us in manifesting


To create a collaborative space to learn leadership tools and embody education through rituals for social change.

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"Without community there is no liberation."

Audre Lorde